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Memory Lane - Painting Nordhouse Dunes

One of my favorite spots on earth is on the western shore of Lake Michigan called Nordhouse Dunes.  It is adjacent to the Manistee National Forest campground that sits along the lake.  The beach is pristine and there are very few people who venture that far out from the campsites.  Last summer my husband proved his love for me by lugging my pastel plein air equipment 3 miles to the lake so I could paint.  My thought was to paint the lake but one lone cloud above the dune called to me.  I turned my easel away from the water and spent a happy hour or so painting.


Today I was organizing my photos and came upon some that Mark had shot of me painting.  It was a nice trip down memory lane and I thought I would share them with you.



Nordhouse Dunes  10x10  Pastel




2 Responses to Memory Lane - Painting Nordhouse Dunes

Lovely painting Vianna. It has a lovely stillness. I can't help but to keep looking at the sand dunes and wonder what's over the hill behind them. Beautiful!

Vianna Szabo
Thank you, Vanessa.

Good observation, it was very still at the water but the clouds were moving fast.

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