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Publishers Invitational - Paint the Adirondacks

Painting in the Adirondacks with 87 other plein air painters
Painting in the Adirondacks with 87 other plein air painters

I received an email from my friend Karen Blackwood saying that she had been invited by Plein Air Magazine to paint in the Adirondacks.  The email was sent by the publisher Eric Rhodes who is a devote fan of plein air painting.  Here is the invititation.


 "I spend each summer painting the mountains and lakes of the Adirondack mountains. This 100 square mile preserved park is spectacular. Six Million Acres. The Adirondack Park, covers more ground than Yellowstone and Yosemite parks combined. Every few years I create an invitation only event for painter friends to gather in a casual setting to paint, to learn from one another, and to reinforce our friendships and make new ones. No official paint-out, no show, no competitions, no demos, no workshops. Just painting, conversation, laughter and time with friends.


Karen asked if I would like to join her. After pondering the question for .o5 seconds I said YES!

And so the adventure began.


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