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Chocolate Cake and Beer

I met with a friend today who is an online marketing wizard as well as a gifted artist. The goal of our meeting, besides partaking of chocolate cake and beer, was to bounce marketing ideas off of each other. She is interested in pursuing workshops and my wish is to expand my online presence to create more sales and workshop opportunities. One thing that became clear is that I need to utilize the offerings of my website by becoming a regular blogger.  In the past my blog posts were about a specific painting or painting experience and I  have gone weeks if not months between blog posts feeling that my day to day experiences were not important enough. Her point was that the blog is a dialog and that the goal of the person posting is to engage the reader in a conversation. She gave examples of how I could reword some of my teaching handouts (of which I am prolific) and do a whole series of postings from one concept.


Wow, what a revelation.


So here it is-my new goal- to blog twice a week minimum, starting now.  I'm even going to be gutsy and allow for fine art views syndication. 


Talk to you in a couple of days……


1 Response to Chocolate Cake and Beer

Kimberly Santini
You go girl!! I'm plugged in and waiting for your pearls of wisdom......

maybe I'll eat something decadent with each posting you write. Sort of keeping that vibe going, you know?! :)

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