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Experiment on Strathmore-Shawn
Experiment on Strathmore-Shawn
The holiday season is coming to an end and the visions of paintings I had dancing in my head are past.  The flu came to visit over Christmas.  Fortunately I was the only one in the family to succumb so the celebrations continued, I just did not take part.  I did manage to paint, still playing with my watercolors and attempting to fix some oil paintings I had begun.   The oil paintings could be very good, the design and the concept are strong, but I had previously overworked them until there was no inspiration left on the canvas and yet I can't seem to get the images out of my head.  So I started the paintings over and once again ran into trouble.  Normally I would give up and move onto something fresh but whether it was the fever or pure stubbornness I am continuing with these two paintings applying all the information I teach (drawing, value, edges, color) to see if I can pull it off.  So far the results are not impressive but there are glimpses of hope and the feeling that if I can fight my way through this I will enter a new learning curve where I can work beyond immediate inspiration.  If I am successful I will post the paintings and if not, that is a learning experience in itself.  The inspiration has moved from the image to the struggle and hopefull will return to the image again.

I found watercolors were very user friendly during my quarentine on the couch.  Santa was kind and brought me a new palette for them as well as some beautiful brushes.  I am playing with the Strathmore bristol plate paper a-la-Burton Silverman.  He is the king of working over paintings he does not feel are strong enough and continuing through the process until he gets what he wants. 

Happy painting in 2008

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