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Winter plein air challenge

Van Hoosen Scarecrow
Van Hoosen Scarecrow

The gray short days are now long upon us.  It takes determination to be a plein air painter in the winter - determination that I do not currently have but am hoping to showcase in the coming month.  Autumn is such a showy season, flashy and fleeting. It is fat with inspiration but quick to change.  My new challenge is to attempt some winter landscapes and not lose fingers to frostbite.  There is a forlorn beauty to the bare trees and the subtle grays and ochers.  It may also be a good time to use my pastels - oils take on the consistency of rubber cement in the cold.  I am writing this blog in hopes of holding myself to this new challenge and will post the results soon.

Wish me luck!


1 Response to Winter plein air challenge

Bee Skelton
via web
I found your amazing work through Robert Genn. What an inspiration!

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